James Roach

Director of West Essex One Health and Care Partnership and Founder of Conclusio

James Roach has been an experienced NHS Director for the last 10 years including Chief Officer of CCGS and a Joint Director of Health and Social Care.   One of James roles is to act as Programme Director of the West Essex One Health and Care Partnership which will become an Integrated Care Trust over the next 2 years. In this role James is spearheading a number of key policy priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan. 

James is also Founder and Managing Director of Conclusio  limited which offers to industry a comprehensive “ one stop shop “ consultancy which is more reflective of the entire health and care supply chain. 

James firmly believes that the NHS needs a more mature, dynamic and open relationship with Pharma industry to address some of the real challenges it is facing...  “given that circa £17.4 billion per year is spent on medicines the NHS and need to align behind a common endeavour of not only sustaining but developing services for patients.”